(portrait by @heggther)

Hello there! My name is Wednesday and I am a high-energy, San Diego based freelance illustrator and designer. I am known for illustrating cute characters dressed in vibrant palettes, hand lettering, and thought-provoking feminist artwork. I am currently working as a part-time freelancer and full-time Creative Associate at Passion Planner in San Diego. I have previously worked with the Boulevard and the Little Saigon Foundation as a community organizer to develop branding for local ethnic businesses.

As a Vietnamese American, I believe that it is especially important for my community to be respectfully and accurately represented especially in an era of mass gentrification and hxstorical erasure. Thus, my overarching purpose in life collaborating with Asian and other BIPOC business owners, nonprofits, and artists to ensure that this goal is accomplished. 
I love what I do everyday and am always looking for more opportunities to collaborate! 


Awards & Recognitions

Adobe Awards Design Achievement Awards (2020)  

Adobe Awards Design Achievement Awards (2019)  

TypeCon Font Family Feud Winner (2019)


Group Exhibitions

Giant Robot Post-it Show #14 and #15 (2018/19)

Tangerine Hours (2019)

Trend Magazine Launch Party (2019) 

More Than Music Benefit Festival (2019)

Picture Party: Art in My Heart (2019) 

RAW Artists Showcase: Reflect (2019)

TTV and KSDT Radio Winter Arts Festival (2018)


Gallery Representation 

Elbstation Akademie, Germany (2018)

Era do Radio, Brazil (2018)

Fully Focused, United Kingdom (2018)

Yunuén de la Mora Academia de Teatro Musical, Mexico (2018) 

Paved Arts, Canada (2018)

Vocal Revz, South Africa (2018)